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MAY 6-30: Pam Nolan, Teresa Rutledge, Beverly Shults

We are delighted to see the return of these wonderful artists to the San Carlos Branch Library Art Gallery. Their Artist Reception will be held on Saturday, May 18, noon-2 p.m. Refreshments will be served.  Pam Nolan Pam Nolan "I started painting 8 year ago when I retired from AT&T. My pal Teresa Rutledge suggested we take an art class. We found an oil painting class which we still attend. I started a pastel class shortly after, and found... Continue Reading >

JUNE 3-JULY 3: Brian Miller, photographer

We are pleased to show the beautiful photography of Brian Miller from June 3-July 3 in the San Carlos Branch Library's Art Gallery. His Artist Reception will be held on June 15, noon-2 p.m.. Refreshments will be served. Brian studied advanced photography and commercial photography at Southwestern College, where he improved his composition, matting and presentation skills. After college, Brian continued to pursue photography and journalism, and his photos of local labor rallies and events have... Continue Reading >

JULY 8-AUGUST 1: Kathy Casanova & Laura Wentz

Kathy Casanova and her mother, Laura Wentz, are La Mesa’s “Two Pour Painters.”  They like the amusing play on words. "There is always a double-take, and then we explain why we are pour (not poor) painters." You can view their colorful art from July 8-August 1, in the San Carlos Branch Library's Art Gallery. Their Artist Reception will be July 20, noon- 2 p.m. Refreshments will be served. To be a... Continue Reading >

Calling Authors & Speakers to the San Carlos Branch Library

Are you a local author or community speaker who would like to tell your story?  Each month the SCFOL sponsors  lectures with local authors or community speakers. These talks are FREE and open to the public, cover a large variety of subjects,  take place at different times and on different days in the  San Carlos Branch Library’s Winer Family Community Room & Art Gallery. The Community Room may be accessed through the double doors located on the left wall of the... Continue Reading >


If you haven't been receiving e-mail reminders about upcoming events such as our monthly Used Book Sale or Speaker dates, it's because we don't have your correct e-mail address.Have you changed yours recently or is your "BOX" full? You may sign up in person at the San Carlos Branch Library or email [email protected]  Please include your full name and email address.  Also, tell us if you are already an SCFOL member. You may also join SCFOL on line.  Just click on... Continue Reading >