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FEBRUARY 22: Robotics Showcase Extravaganza

ROBOTS RULE..... Saturday, February 22: The San Carlos Branch Library  will once again partner with the Henry Cluster STEMM Foundation to host a Robotics Showcase Extravaganza.  TIME: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm LOCATION:  parking lot located at the corner of Golfcrest & Jackson.  Inside the library: 11 am - 1 pm,  there will be interactive robot crafts and activities. Robotics teams scheduled to show off their robotics expertise include City Critters, Dailard Dolphins, Pretzel Cats, Wizalos and Lakeside Middle School Broncobots.  Those... Continue Reading >

STEM Series: CHALLENGE ISLAND: Kid’s Science

Challenge Island encourages creativity, critical thinking, and social skills while instilling a love of science and engineering. Ages 8-12.  Registration required.  Call (619) 527-3430 to sign up.    February 12: Temple of Trouble:  Kids will learn about ancient cultures and the job of an archaeologist as it relates to the movie character, Indiana Jones. They will also learn about gravity, acceleration and velocity.  They will then follow the steps of the engineering process to design a course that takes a boulder... Continue Reading >

NEW Titles Available at the San Carlos Branch Library

Our librarians make every effort to keep our branch library filled with the books you want to read.  Each month, books which have not been checked out for many a day or are outdated or in poor condition, are removed from circulation and replaced with new volumes for your reading pleasure.   Click on New Adult Titles November-December, 2019  to see the list of the newest books for adults that have been added to the San Carlos Branch Library's collection. Leased... Continue Reading >


  Winter Reading Challenge:  Entire month of January:  Read 5 books or 5 hours to earn a San Diego Maritime Museum pass for 2, a free Subway sandwich & a pencil case!  Sign up at  All ages.   Wednesday, January 22, 2:30-3:30pm: All About Harbor Seals!  Did you know that seal birthing season is right around the corner? This is a great time to visit the coast and see many moms with newborn pups!  In this interactive program, you will... Continue Reading >