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JULY 3: SRP-Sherlock Homerun: A Puppet Musical

  Sherlock Homerun: A Puppet Musical Monday, July 3: 3:00-3:45  Show description:  Someone has stolen the baseball diamond! Now it’s up to Sherlock Homerun and Watson to solve the mystery. This hilarious puppet musical is a tale of friendship, intrigue, and courage. Young audiences will delight in this “choose your own adventure” story that never has the same ending twice! Presented by Noteworthy Puppets.  Click on Sherlock Homerun July 2023 Continue Reading >

JULY 10: SRP- Comedy, Juggling, and Stunts with Michael Rayner

Monday, July 10, 3:00-3:45 Everybody loves the Michael Rayner show! If you like to be entertained, don’t miss it. In addition to juggling “found objects,” Michael Rayner performs stunts that involve wheelbarrows, cheeseburgers, parasols, and more. This show is about practice and perseverance and is guaranteed to make you laugh! All ages.  Click on Michael Rayner July 2023 Continue Reading >

JULY 17: SRP-Ina, the Sunshine Storyteller

  Monday, July 17, 3:00-3:45 Join us for a fun and interactive storytelling program called “Find Your Hero Voice” with Ms. Ina, the Sunshine Storyteller. Ina will share stories from all over the world about learning to be brave and be your own hero. Combining storytelling with singing, Ina will engage and inspire with stories that make you shine like the sun!  Click on Ina the Sunshine Storyteller July 2023 Continue Reading >

JULY 24: SRP-“One Voice, Many Friends” Ventriloquism Show

  Monday, July 24, 3:00-3:45 Award-winning ventriloquist Marc Griffiths is here! Audiences say Marc’s shows are different because there is an inspirational message under all the fun. In a new show full of big puppets and exciting magic, Marc tells a feel-good story the whole family will enjoy. Be sure to join us! Click Here One Voice Many Friends Ventriloquism Marc Griffiths July 2023 Continue Reading >