San Carlos Branch Library
Friends of the Library

San Carlos Branch Library
7265 Jackson Dr
San Diego, CA 92119

SCFOL Board of Directors* /Chairpersons

Your San Carlos Friends of the Library (SCFOL) *Officers and *Board  Members have continued to volunteer during the COVID-19 pandemic to help keep things organized and to keep you updated on the constantly changing services offered to SDPL patrons.

*President: Bill Bischoff

Volunteer co-chair

IMG_2374*Recording Secretary: Evie McGhee

Correspondence: Evie McGhee

   *Treasurer: Jerry Hotz




*IMG_2376Board Member: Barbara Dennis

Membership Chair: Barbara Dennis

*Board Member: Ron McFee 

Book Sales Chair: Ron McFee

Roberta Irwin, Board Member


Book Sale Management: Roberta Irwin

*Board Member: Sue Dennis

SCFOL Volunteer Chair: Sue Dennis



*Board Member: Sue Hotz

Publicity Chair/ Website Editor/ Newsletters: Sue Hotz

Art Coordinator: Barbara Stewart

David Ege
Program Chair: David Ege, Branch Manager

Library Volunteers: David Ege, Branch Manager




 * Board Member: Dottie Vieira

* Board Member: Joan Hayes

SCFOL Past-President

2011, Sept, New Pres, Judy Williams & Judy McCartySCFOL Past-President: Judy Williams

New SCBL Committee Chair: Judy Williams


SCFOL Past President & Current FSDPL President: Ann McDonald


David Ege

Branch Manager (Public Service Manager)/Librarian: David Ege

Youth Services Librarian: Erin Moore

Youth Program Chair


SCFOL By-Laws, November 17, 2021


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