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Library Shop

We are open Monday-Saturday Mon/Tues (11:30am-5:30pm) & Wed-Sat (10:30am-5:30pm).Plus we're currently offering $5.95 Flat Visit the Library Shop this season for all your holiday gifts.      The Library Shop is not just a well-curated gift and book shop.  The Library Shop is a non-profit book & gift store located in the courtyard of the Downtown Central Library sponsored by the FSDPL and the SDPL  Foundation.  As the plans for Downtown Central Library were being developed, space was set aside for a Library... Continue Reading >

Did You Find ODI?

  Over 14,000 pins were collected by San Diego Library patrons during the Library Shop's July, 2023, 5th annual summer Where's ODI? @ SDPL scavenger hunt.  A small version of ODI was hidden in each of the 36 branches. Each branch created its own uniquely designed collectable pin. Over 150 patrons collected all 36 unique pins after finding ODI at all 36 branch libraries. WOW!  That kept those families busy during July!  ODI often visits the branches for special... Continue Reading >

Library Advocates: Your Immediate Help is Needed

  Dear Library Advocate, We have one last chance to make sure that the City Council includes the Library’s priorities in the Fiscal Year 2024 budget.  Councilmember's Final Budget Memos are due *next Friday* (May 26), and it’s vital that they include funding for         8 full-time Youth Service Librarians,          $250,000 to increase the Books and Materials budget, and          $500,000 for a Library-controlled maintenance budget for all of the branch... Continue Reading >

Library Master Plan

The San Diego Public Library and the Library Foundation SD are developing a new  MASTER PLAN to provide a long-range vision and strategy for San Diego Public Library facility, technology, and program investments.  If you missed the January 28 meeting with Misty Jones, Patrick Stewart, and David Ege at the San Carlos Branch, you can still give your input. The San Diego Public Library wants to hear what you want for the future of your local library.  Click HERE... Continue Reading >

JANUARY 28, 3-4 pm: Your Library-Your Voice

Saturday, in person at the San Carlos Branch, join in the discussion about your future SCBL.  This is your chance to share your ideas with Library Director Misty Jones, the Library Foundation SD, and Branch Manager David Ege.  2022 Library Master Plan Forum   Why now? Together with the Library Foundation SD, the San Diego Public Library is developing a new master plan to provide a long-range vision for library facilities, technology and program investments. We need your input and... Continue Reading >