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We Welcome New SCFOL Volunteers

We welcome all SCFOL members to consider volunteering and assisting us in making our monthly USED BOOK SALES bigger and better than ever. Revenue from SCFOL book sales is the major source of funds needed to purchase books, programs and equipment for our branch library. Contact SCFOL Volunteer Chair Sue Dennis at [email protected] for details on how to become a SCFOL/Book Sale volunteer. We especially need younger folks and we would be happy to write recommendation letters for your college... Continue Reading >

AUTHOR: Jennifer Coburn

  Friday, February 24, 2-3 pm, local author, Jennifer Colburn will join us to discuss her new book, CRADLES of the REICH.   This  historical novel explores in fiction, a topic rarely covered--the Lebensborn project:  a WW II Nazi human breeding program to create "racially fit" babies.  Author Jennifer Coburn Colburn takes the reader inside Heim Hochland, one of the real breeding homes in Bavaria, where the fates of three women are irrevocably intertwined.  Gundi is a pregnant university student from Berlin and... Continue Reading >

SPEAKER: Financial advisor, Dr. Udo Herges.

  Friday, February 17, 2-3 pm, join Dr. Udo Herges for a discussion about the crucial differences between fiduciaries and brokers, and how they impact the total cost of investing.  Learn from whom to receive sound investment advice and how differences in financial advice can cost or save you money in the long run.  Speaker D. Herges Dr. Herges is a State Registered Investment Advisor and the founder and CEO of Herges Capital Management.  He was formally VP of Commerzbank.  Learn more... Continue Reading >