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NOVEMBER 14: Annual SCFOL General Membership meeting

MARK YOUR CALENDARS:  The 2018 General Membership meeting  of SCFOL will be held on Wednesday, November 14  from 4:00-5:30 p.m., in the Winer Family Community Room & Art Gallery.  This year's super fun keynote speaker will be Disney Artist and Illustrator, Terry Naughton, whose  award winning illustrations will be on display in our Art Gallery throughout November. Naughton is a PHHS grad and a San Carlos neighbor.  Read more about Terry at Naughton/Art.  Also on the meeting's agenda will be the... Continue Reading >

2018: the NEW San Carlos Branch Library update

  The San Carlos Library remains in a hurry up and wait mode.  A request for a “Case Closure” for the project was submitted to the County Department of Environmental Services by the mitigation consultant, Santec.  DES reviewed the comments and has sent a request for addition information.    So we continue to wait for the County Department of Environmental Services to receive further information in hopes it will satisfy their issues and they will be willing to allow the City of... Continue Reading >

Special Happenings @ the Library Shop

The Library Shop is a non-profit book & gift store located in the courtyard of the Downtown Central Library sponsored by the FSDPL and the SDP Library  Foundation.   San Diego's Shortest Short Story Contest is back! The Library Shop's 2nd Annual Matchbook Short Story Contest   is accepting submissions now through November 1. Stories may be in any style or genre but you must be able to fit your literary masterpiece inside the cover of a matchbook. The winning author will have their... Continue Reading >