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Meet LEE OTTMAN: SCFOL Volunteer Chair

????????? VOLUNTEERS: What would we do without our SCFOL/library volunteers? Erma Bombeck once described a dream in which all of the volunteers sailed away to another land. Hospitals, libraries, schools and non-profits came to a standstill. Between July 1 and December 31, 2014, our SCFOL volunteers donated 4,427 hours….that’s equivalent to four and one-half FREE employees. THANK YOU!  We welcome Lee Ottman, our new SCFOL Volunteer Chair. This energetic lady will be updating our volunteer data base, and is asking current... Continue Reading >


July Booksale HELP-HELP-HELP: We are in need of  VOLUNTEERS to help us on the first Saturday of every month from 3-5:30 p.m. to pack up and put away the unsold books from the Book Sale. On the first Saturday of every month, the SCFOL sponsors a used book sale.  All proceeds from these sales directly benefit the San Carlos Branch Library through the purchase of books, equipment (new furniture, paint, computers) or programs such as OASIS, musicians, exercise classes, or Youth year round and... Continue Reading >


volunteer th On November 20, We threw a Pizza Party to thank the many SCFOL Volunteers for their hard work and the generous sharing of their time.  They had previously received official name tags that were donated by Life Member and Membership Recruitment Volunteer, Margrette Carr.  Ryley Webb represented 7th District City Councilmember Scott Sherman, and along with SCFOL President Judy Williams and Volunteer Chair Debra Kues presented the volunteers with a "Certificate of Recognition" from the City of San Diego.  This fiscal... Continue Reading >

ATTENTION: All SCFOL Members & Volunteers

Orlie Bard, Debi Kues, Jim Shields Library Volunteers and SCFOL Members/Volunteers are the secret behind the success of our library.  You help to unlock the mysteries  in books and advertise our many programs to the public.  With the funds of a generous benefactor,  SCFOL would like you to be identifiable to the public.   If you volunteer for the book sales, in the library, or at any of the library's functions, or are a SCFOL member who would like to be recognized as such, we  would like you to have an official SCFOL... Continue Reading >