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Fund Raising Opportunities

Logo no-books2 January 9, 2016, the San Carlos Branch Library celebrated its 42nd Anniversary of service to the Navajo Community.  We have recently upgraded the current facility with fresh paint, new furniture, book cases, flooring and signage.  All of this has brightened up the environment of the Winer Family Community Room & Art Gallery, Children's Area, computer work stations and stacks, but it does nothing to provide you with the added space desperately needed to meet today's needs.  There are plans... Continue Reading >

San Carlos Friend’s of the Library Volunteer Positions Available

volunteers 3 The San Carlos Friends of the Library invite anyone who is interested in assisting us in our quest to "Honor the Past........Build for the Future," to join us in any volunteer capacity that they find interesting.  We encourage you to join SCFOL--costs are minimal, but not required for most positions. Benefits include meeting new friends and maybe learning new skills. All training is "on the job." Here are a few suggestions how you can help: BOOK SALE VOLUNTEERS:  We are always... Continue Reading >


volunteers needed The BEST BOOK SALE in San Diego needs your help! WHERE: San Carlos Branch Library WHEN:  The first Saturday of every month, for 2-3 hours from 3:00 pm, until all of the non-purchased items are boxed up and put away. Many hands will make the job go faster. For book sale information see SCFOL First Saturday Used BOOK SALE QUALIFICATIONS: Strong backs and a willingness to help the community are all you need. TO APPLY: Think you can help?  Please leave... Continue Reading >

Meet LEE OTTMAN: SCFOL Volunteer Chair

????????? VOLUNTEERS: What would we do without our SCFOL/library volunteers? Erma Bombeck once described a dream in which all of the volunteers sailed away to another land. Hospitals, libraries, schools and non-profits came to a standstill. Between July 1 and December 31, 2014, our SCFOL volunteers donated 4,427 hours….that’s equivalent to four and one-half FREE employees. THANK YOU!  We welcome Lee Ottman, our new SCFOL Volunteer Chair. This energetic lady will be updating our volunteer data base, and is asking current... Continue Reading >

ATTENTION: All SCFOL Members & Volunteers

volunteers 3 Library Volunteers and SCFOL Members/Volunteers are the secret behind the success of our library.  You help to unlock the mysteries  in books and advertise our many programs to the public.  With the funds of a generous benefactor,  SCFOL would like you to be identifiable to the public.   If you volunteer for the book sales, in the library, or at any of the library's functions, or are a SCFOL member who would like to be recognized as such, we  would like you to have an official SCFOL... Continue Reading >