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Gay Baird’s Lemon Bars

lemon bars Just in time for your summer picnics. While Orlie Baird and Jim Shields were busy organizing the monthly Used Book Sales, Gay brought home-made lemon bars for the volunteers. As she promised at this year's Volunteer Appreciation Pizza Party where Judy McCarty presented her with a plaque honoring her husband,  she has graciously shared her delicious recipe with us. Thanks, Gay, for sharing. You have assured your position in the history of SCFOL volunteers. CRUST ½ c butter ¼ c confectioners’ sugar 1c flour Cream butter, sugar and flour and spread into an ungreased 9X9 pan. Bake @ 350 for 10 minutes. Remove from... Continue Reading >

EXTRA! Construction Update

Gideon Construction Worker, May, 2015 (1)   The end of construction is in sight, and we are planning to have a JUNE 27 Used Book Sale.  The books have been piling up, so come on down.  Doors open at 9:30.  We have book bags available at $3.00 each to help you hold all of your treasures. An update on construction: it should be 90+% ready by book sale time. RESTROOMS: Please read the signs--the men's is now on the LEFT and the family/women's --complete with a diaper changing station-- is on the RIGHT!  The new drinking fountains are in:  The parking lot has yet to be striped, but... Continue Reading >


self defense 1 Join us for Self-Defense lessons, taught by Mario Mayorga (see T'ai Chi article) and Instructor Keith Jacobson.  The summer classes are scheduled for 10:30 am, in the Winer Family Community Room & Art Gallery on July 16 and August 20.  Children ages 7 and up are welcome to attend these two summer sessions. During the workshop we will discuss ways of avoiding conflicts by identifying potentially dangerous situations and, whenever possible, to use our words to diffuse a hostile opponent. We will address ways to overcome some common psychological barriers that often affect a person’s ability to defend themselves. Training... Continue Reading >

JULY 24: author Margaret Dilloway: “Sisters of Heart and Snow”

July 24, 2015,Dilloway, Sisters   We are so pleased to have Margaret Dilloway, (PHHS alum and San Carlos resident) as our guest author/speaker on July 24, at 2:00 pm in the Winer Family Community Room & Art Gallery of the San Carlos Branch Library. The celebrated author of How To Be An American Housewife and The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns will discuss her new novel, Sisters of Heart and Snow.  The story “weaves the poignant story of sisters Rachel and Drew Snow with a transforming ancient account of a real-life female Samurai. As the adult daughters of an American father and a... Continue Reading >


2015, logo drummer (1) The theme for the 2015 San Diego Public Library Summer Reading Program, running from June 15-August 15, is READ TO THE RHYTHM. So put on your dancing shoes, start clapping to the beat, grab you favorite author and register online at Summer Reading Program.  Prizes are available at all age levels and may be collected one week after completing your online registration and recording of your age appropriate required reading. The prize level for Children (ages 0-11) is 10 books or 10 hours; for Teens (ages 12-18) is 10 hours; and  adults (age 18+) is 3 books read. The San Carlos... Continue Reading >