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2015, logo drummer (1) The theme for the 2015 San Diego Public Library Summer Reading Program, running from June 15-August 15, is READ TO THE RHYTHM. So put on your dancing shoes, start clapping to the beat, grab you favorite author and register online at Summer Reading Program.  Prizes are available at all age levels and may be collected one week after completing your online registration and recording of your age appropriate required reading. The prize level for Children (ages 0-11) is 10 books or 10 hours; for Teens (ages 12-18) is 10 hours; and  adults (age 18+) is 3 books read. The San Carlos... Continue Reading >

Friends of the Library Advocacy Alert

SC LOGO ll (3) UPDATE:  It looks promising that the City Council will restore the full amount previously budgeted for the purchase of books for the San Diego City Library system ($209,000).  There is also hope that the full hours of operation previously enjoyed at the Central Library will be reinstated.  Keep those letters coming and attend the June 8 City Council Meeting to support your library.  The following was written by Joan Curry, current President of the Friends of the San Diego Public Library, the parent organization of SCFOL.           "Thank the Mayor and your Council member for returning the book budget and ask for... Continue Reading >

We’re hoping for a SOME–SATURDAY in JUNE (6/27 ?), Used Book Sale.

Gideon Construction Worker, May, 2015 (2) As you can see, Gideon has been working his fingers to the bone helping the construction workers  complete the ADA upgrade project. Some progress has been made. However, two new hurdles were encountered last week:  an unknown source of water came gushing out during the heavy rains, and the appearance of a low voltage electrical wire going to the west side of the parking lot --purpose unknown.  Both of these issues need to be resolved before the parking lot can be resurfaced.  Next will come the bathroom facilities.  Both will be single use rooms (no stalls), and the... Continue Reading >

Meet ERIN MOORE: our new YSL

Erin Moore, YSL, May 2014   At the May SCFOL board meeting, Managing Librarian Rita Glick was thrilled to introduce our new Youth Services Librarian, Erin Moore. With a big smile, Erin said, "I am very happy to be here, and look forward to getting to know you and the rest of the San Carlos community in the coming months."  A native San Diegan, Erin's career with the San Diego Public Library began as a volunteer in high school   Since then, she has served at almost all of the City branches in a variety of positions--from library aide to North Clairemont Branch manager.  Her most recent... Continue Reading >


self defense 1 Join us for Self-Defense lessons, taught by Mario  Mayorga (see T'ai Chi article).  The next 2 courses are scheduled at 10:30 am, in the Winer Family Community Room & Art Gallery on June 15. This workshop will teach effective self-defense using Wing Chun Kung Fu and other martial arts combat techniques. Students will learn the basics blocks, hand strikes, and low kicks and how to use them in various scenarios. Through repetition, the student’s skills will become instinctive, which will develop greater confidence. During the workshop we will discuss ways of avoiding conflicts by identifying potentially dangerous situations and, whenever possible,... Continue Reading >