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JANUARY, 2022: What Does the Fence Mean?

  SCFOL promised to keep our community updated with events that affect the building of the new San Carlos Branch Library. So… what does it mean that a fence was erected in January around the Jackson and Golfcrest corner lot adjacent to the Library?  Here is what you need to know: The San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board reported that the lot is clean of contaminants and the remediation process is complete. The remediation company was so informed, and... Continue Reading >

2018: the NEW San Carlos Branch Library update

  The San Carlos Library remains in a hurry up and wait mode.  A request for a “Case Closure” for the project was submitted to the County Department of Environmental Services by the mitigation consultant, Santec.  DES reviewed the comments and has sent a request for addition information.    So we continue to wait for the County Department of Environmental Services to receive further information in hopes it will satisfy their issues and they will be willing to allow the City of... Continue Reading >

2017: the NEW San Carlos Branch updates

FEBRUARY, 2017: The discussion at the Building Committee meeting this month centered on fund raising for the new library. We are anxiously awaiting the written reports on the status of the corner lot. A major fund raising campaign cannot begin until the EPA has given an all clear report to purchase the lot. JANUARY, 2017: The NEW San Carlos Branch Library's design  was presented to the Community by David Pfeifer, AIA, from Domusstudio Architecture, at the Navajo Community Planners' meeting held at... Continue Reading >

2016: the NEW San Carlos Branch Library Updates

NOVEMBER, 2016: On November 16, 2016, David Pfeifer, AIA, from Domusstudio Architecture, presented to those present at the SCFOL annual meeting of the General Membership, the plans which he and his associates presented to the San Carlos Branch Library Building Committee in October.  All present were impressed with the design. The 25,000 sq. ft., world class Library will be a single story structure; its exterior building and landscape designs compliment the natural habitat of the area and the theme will be... Continue Reading >

2015: The Latest on a NEW San Carlos Branch Library

JULY, 2015: The 40th anniversary of the San Carlos Branch Library rekindled within the community the burning question, “When will our new branch library, envisioned over twenty years ago, be built?”A group of committed citizens has been meeting for the last four months to research the answer to that question. Committee Members and area residents include April Boling (C.P.A.), Rita Glick (Branch Managing Librarian), Jerry Hotz (SCFOL Treasurer), Sue Hotz ( SCFOL Board & Publicity Chair), Michael Lugo (retired architect), Judy... Continue Reading >