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San Carlos Branch Library
7265 Jackson Dr
San Diego, CA 92119

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SCFOL annually donates between $20,000-$30,000 to the San Carlos Branch Library.  Memberships, donations and our monthly used book sales are SCFOL's primary revenue sources. All donations are TOTALLY tax deductible.  INDIVIDUAL LIFE Memberships are only $250. Join at this level before October 30 to have your name added to the 2017 Life Member plaque on display in the Winer Family Community Room and Art Gallery.  ANNUAL Memberships are a real bargain: $5 for  Seniors or Youth; $10 for one adult; ... Continue Reading >

SCFOL Can Help You Double Your Donation Dollars

For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016, the San Carlos Friends of the Library's total income was $35,170.44.   SCFOL donated $20,000 to the San Carlos Branch Library through the City’s Library Matching Materials, Programs, and Equipment Funds.  The money we deposit in these Funds is matched by the City of San Diego, thus doubling your donations’ value. SCFOL also paid directly, $5613 for the new outside SCFOL used book storage sheds. The remaining moneys are being held in reserve... Continue Reading >

Why We Need Libraries

By Jeffrey Davis  "A few years ago, when the city was deciding whether to go forward with San Diego’s new Central Library, there was discussion around town about the future of public libraries. Did we need to replace the 1954 Central Library? (Most said yes.) Was San Diego Public Library focused on downtown at the expense of neighborhoods? (Half of the 35 neighborhood libraries have been built, rebuilt or expanded since 1989, with more projects planned.) Did a grand new structure make... Continue Reading >