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SCFOL Volunteers are the secret behind the success of our library.  You help to unlock the mysteries  in books and advertise our many programs to the public.  With the funds of a generous benefactor,  SCFOL would like you to be identifiable to the public.   If you volunteer for the book sales, or are a regular SCFOL Volunteer in any capacity, we  would like you to have an official SCFOL name tag, FREE.  Please email or leave a note at the library for our Volunteer... Continue Reading >

San Carlos Friend’s of the Library Volunteer Positions Available

The San Carlos Friends of the Library invite anyone who is interested in assisting us in our quest to "Honor the Past........Build for the Future," to join us in any volunteer capacity that they find interesting.  We encourage you to join SCFOL--costs are minimal, but not required for most positions. Benefits include meeting new friends and maybe learning new skills. All training is "on the job." Here are a few suggestions how you can help: BOOK SALE VOLUNTEERS:  We are... Continue Reading >

Meet Our Book Sale Manager: Ron McFee

  COMICS: A literary form read world-wide, was first introduced to the American public in 1842. But not until 1934, with the publication of the first comic books and the 1938 introduction of Superman, did the Golden Age of Comics begin. As a youngster, Ron McFee, our Used Book Sale co-manager, became hooked on comic books. He describes himself as, “A natural book worm," and says, " I loved the picture and story combinations found in comic books.” He credits... Continue Reading >