San Carlos Branch Library
Friends of the Library

San Carlos Branch Library
7265 Jackson Dr
San Diego, CA 92119

SCFOL Board of Directors* /Chairpersons

Your SCFOL Board*members volunteered 3200 hours during the 2015-2016 fiscal year to help organize it all. Book sale volunteers put in an additional 2556 hours; Library volunteers gave 1422 hours to assist our library staff.  Grand total of volunteer hours from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016 was 7178 hours.  That’s equivalent to 3.589 full time employees.

*President: Joan Hayes

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Historian: Joan Hayes VOLUNTEER needed


Essay Contest Coordinator: This could be YOU!





Volunteer Chairperson: Lee Ottman


IMG_2374*Recording Secretary: Evie McGhee

Correspondence: Evie McGhee


Jerry Hotz*Treasurer: Jerry Hotz


IMG_2376*Board Member: Barbara Dennis

Membership Chair: Barbara Dennis

Ron McFee*Board Member: Ron McFee

Book Sales Chair: Ron McFee

Roberta Irwin, Board Member*Board Member: Roberta Irwin

Book Sale Management: Roberta Irwin

Ruth Coleman*Board Member:Ruth Coleman

Amazon On Line Book Sales: Ruth Coleman


Jim ShieldsBook Sale Chair Emeritus:Jim Shield


Sue Hotz*Board Member: Sue Hotz

WebMaster/ Web Newsletter/ Mission Times Courier SCFOL column  reporter/Publicity Chair: Sue Hotz

                Ruth George Oasis & Publicity: Ruth George

artist, Barbara Stewart 001Art Coordinator: Barbara Stewart

Joan Hayes, Judy Williams, Michael Winer, Carleen HemricAuthor presentations: Carleen Hemric


David EgeSpeakers: David Ege, Branch Manager

Library Volunteers: David Ege, Branch Manager

2011, Sept, New Pres, Judy Williams & Judy McCarty*Immediate SCFOL Past-President: Judy Williams

New Branch Library Building Committee Chair

Judy McCartySCFOL Past-President: Judy McCarty


Ann McDonald (2)Past President of SCFOL & FSDPL: Ann McDonald


David Ege

Branch Manager (Public Service Manager)/Librarian: David Ege


Erin Moore, YSL, May 2014

Youth Services Librarian: Erin Moore