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SD Art Prize: On Display through January 7, 2023

  Dedicated to the idea that the visual arts are a necessary and rewarding ingredient of any world-class city, the SD Art Prize was conceived to promote and encourage dialogue, reflection, and social interaction about San Diego’s artistic and cultural life. View the work of this year's SD Art Prize recipients – Alida Cervantes, Angélica Escoto, Carlos Castro Arias, and Cognate Collective – at the Central Library Art Gallery now through January 7, 2023. Continue Reading >


 Documented through his Dignity on the Streets non-profit project intended to bring awareness of Humanity Showers and how to support unseen communities, Jordan Verdin’s art demonstrates dignity, compassion, and kindness to our unsheltered. While the exhibit is on view at the La Jolla/Riford Library, we invite you to drop off donations of socks and hygiene products. Learn more. Continue Reading >