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40th Anniversary Category

$400,000 Landmark Book Sale: March 1, 2014

Despite the rain, 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 1, 2014, was a time for celebration. Since 1993, under the tutelage of Jim Shield, the SCFOL Monthly first Saturday Used Book Sales have cumulatively sold over 1M books and raised $400, 000.  When the announcement  was made, cheers rang out congratulating SCFOL Book sale volunteers.  Then the library and Book Sale patrons enjoyed the celebratory cake cut by SCFOL Book Sale Chair Ron McFee, President Judy Williams, and Ways & Means Board Chair Jim Shields. SCFOL... Continue Reading >

40th Anniversary Donors

The following Corporations or Individuals have donated funds or services to help offset the cost of the 40th Anniversary year celebrations:  Domusstudio Architecture: Principals Lew Dominy, AIA & David Pfeifer, AIA Mission Publishing Group, LLC: Jim Madaffer, Publisher Robert Hotz: RadioActive Media Christopher Hotz & Jason Benesch: Website Design Tom & April Boling: SCFOL Life Members Margrette Carr: SCFOL Life Member Michael A. Lugo, AIA, CCS, CSI Anonymous Family: SCFOL Life Members & donors of Rutherford’s Children’s Area Additional Donors: Copy-It Grossmont, COSTCO La Mesa, CVS San Carlos, Charlotte Germundson,... Continue Reading >

40th Anniversary GALA

2014 brought with it the January celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the San Carlos Branch Library.  All year, we will be “Honoring the Past, and Building for the Future.”  On January 8th, crafty crafters “Yarn Bombed” the outside of the library---its railings, sign posts, trees—anything that didn’t move—they wrapped up in over 10 MILES of colorful yarn.  The display will remain as weather permits. The January 12th GALA was attended by over 100 library supporters.  Awesome music was provided... Continue Reading >


SCFOL Treasurer Jerry Hotz and Ann McDonald, past President of both the SCFOL & FSDPL , add a financial gift to the SCFOL GIVING TREE at the SCFOL sponsored 40th Anniversary GALA of the San Carlos Branch Library.  By evening's end, those present had decorated the tree with gift bags totaling $500 plus multiple new SCFOL Memberships.  Thank you one and all.  This represents the first step in our  fund raising campaign for a new San Carlos Branch Library.  Have you seen the... Continue Reading >

Have You Seen the NEW San Carlos Branch Library Sign?

In honor of the 40th Anniversary (January 9, 1974-2014) of the San Carlos Branch Library,     Domusstudio Architecture Principals Lew Dominy, AIA & David Pfeifer, AIA,  donated a new sign depicting the proposed new San Carlos Branch Library and Community Center to be built on the present library's site and extending to the corner of Golfcrest & Jackson.  The old sign, put up years ago, had deteriorated beyond use.  The present 8000 sq. ft. structure is too small for our community's needs.  David Pfeifer has worked... Continue Reading >