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New Check-out System

The Library book and materials check-out system is being updated city-wide.  The new system is called Radio Frequency Identification or RFID.  It is pictured here. The RFID system, after its complete installation, will have many skills; the San Carlos Branch will be closed for two weeks in June to allow us to upgrade the system to its full potential.  I will describe that in detail when the time comes.

For now however, the old automated self-check-out machines have been taken out of service, and we are waiting for the RFID machines to be installed sometime in March.  When they arrive, they will be used for self-check-out in a manner similar to the old self-check-out machines. In the interim (should be no more than several weeks) we’re back to having our library staff do it the “old” way; please take all of your materials to the front desk for check-out.