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MAY 15, 1982: Founding Date of SCFOL

2014-11-19 022 (2) Although the San Carlos Branch Library opened its doors on January 9, 1974, May 15, 1982 marked the first meeting of the San Carlos Friends of the Library. It was founded by 45 area residents with the expressed mission of “focusing public attention on the library’s services, facilities and needs; to strengthen and expand library services; and to stimulate the use of the library facilities as a cultural resource center for the community.” The Navajo Canyon Golf Course restaurant was the site of the SCFOL first anniversary dinner for its 174 members. Do you remember Managing Librarian Ruth Gardner or Verna Stewart and Youth Services Librarian Heather Reed? Betty Sherman was SCFOL President, Diana Mattershaw- Treasurer, Leola Robinson and June Jameson—secretaries, Lesley Frazier-Newsletter, Beryl Levine-Membership, and Betty Sherman-Book Sales. The first monthly used book sale was held in August, 1982 and netted $242. We thank the San Carlos Community for its continued support since our early days as we continue the mission of the SCFOL founders, and work toward the building of a 25,000 sq. ft. library that will meet the future needs of our community.