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        We would like to thank Julie Donnelly and Thor Hanson, the children of Marita Hanson for their generous donation to SCFOL in memory of their mother, Marita Hanson.  Mrs. Hanson passed away in late November of 2007, at the age of 91.

       She was an area resident for over 30 years.  The San Carlos Library was a frequent destination  for her throughout her retirement.  She was an avid reader and a member of SCFOL for some time.  Her passion for biographies allowed her to delve into the lives of historical figures from around the world.  This enduring fascination provided her with entertainment, exploration, and stimulation, all from the comfort of her favorite antique rocking chair.

       Mrs. Hanson’s  children are residents of San Diego, and believe that new biographies acquired by the San Carlos Branch Library would be a very fitting tributes to their late mother.