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September 3, 9:30-3:00: SCFOL Used Book Sale

SCFOL Used Book Sales are back and so are our patrons…THANK YOU for your support!  We need your gently used  book donations and your patronage at the book sales.  Book sale funds purchase books, programs and equipment for the San Carlos Branch Library.  Our Book Sales are the primary source of these funds, but SCFOL Memberships and your donations also add to our buying power.  Buy Books!  Ask for a Membership envelope too from the book sale cashiers.  Join or Donate to SCFOL.

Bargain Prices

Mass Media Paperbacks: $0.50 each

Fiction Hardcover: $1.00 – $2.00 each

Non-fiction Hardcover/Trade & Large Paperbacks:$1.00 each

 Bargain Table Books & Sets are individually sticker priced on the book’s spine; their price may be NEGOTIABLE

Children’s Books

Our Youth Corner is a favorite spot

Children/Young Adult Books: $0.50 or 3/$1.00;

A special group of Youth Hard Back books are individually sticker priced on the book’s spine.   We have LOTS of Children’s books.

Audio Visuals

Audio Books/Vinyl Records/ DVDs/ CDs: $1.00 each.

We also have of DVD and CD sets: priced as marked.

Cassette Tapes and VHS tapes: $0.25 or 5/$1.00