April, 2022: New SCBL update from Raul Campillo

Our  7th District City Councilmember Raul Campillo has been closely following the completion of the mitigation of the Jackson and Golfcrest corner lot, and  working to keep the City on track toward the lot’s purchase which will then allow for the building of a new San Carlos Branch Library on that site.  In Campillo’s April Newsletter, he updated his San Carlos constituents on the status of the project, and has graciously approved the article to be reproduced in its entirety on this SCFOL website  Thank you, Councilmember Campillo,  for staying on top of this important project.

From the office of Raul Campillo:

“Stantec completed well destruction activities at the San Carlos Library site in February and submitted the final report to~ the Regional Water Quality Control Board on March 28, 2022. We are awaiting a “No Further Action” letter and once received, the City can begin the process of purchasing the land.

Once the City purchases the land, we can proceed with design and construction. SDG&E will need to disconnect the temporary service that supported well destruction, and Stantec will need to restore the surface in the upcoming months.

Internally, the City’s Director of the Engineering & Capital Projects Department (ECP) has directed staff to continue work on the design bridging document, and the Department of Real Estate and Airport Management is working to bring forward the purchase agreement as soon as possible to meet the deadline of 120 days after receiving the letter.

We have received updated estimates from ECP, Phase 1, which will be $1.5 million to complete design needs.

Finally, I will continue to advocate for funding for the library in the upcoming budget process and ensure City dollars are allocated and work with the members of the San Diego Delegation at the State Assembly/State Senate for additional funding of the project via state funds. The total needed for full construction of the library is $22.5 million.”

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