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Art Gallery @ Central Library

JUNE 4-AUGUST 20: On display at the Central Library Art Gallery: Echoes of Africa celebrates classical and contemporary artistic traditions by African and African American artists. This two-part exhibition features African artifacts from San Diego Mesa College’s World Cultures Art collection coupled with artworks produced by local contemporary artists. A dynamic group of artifacts will be exhibited, featuring objects that demonstrate the mastery of African artisans in metal, wood, ceramics, beadwork, and textiles. The Fine Arts gallery will highlight artworks by contemporary local artists in conversation with select African artifacts, echoing and responding to aspects of their materials, symbolism, and creative process. The exhibition pays tribute to the ongoing cultural and artistic influence of African art on African American artists and celebrates our connections to the spirit and history of African and African American culture.

Curated by Dr. Denise Rogers and features work by Andrea Chung, Angie Jennings, Christopher Lloyd Tucker, Maxx Moses, and Jermaine A. Williams.

Location: Art Gallery, San Diego Central Library, 330 Park Blvd., San Diego, 92120

Gallery Hours: Monday and Tuesday, 1 โ€“ 7 p.m., Wednesday โ€“ Saturday, Noon โ€“ 5 p.m., Closed on Sunday