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MARCH 26, 2O21: New San Carlos Branch Library Update

Our Future San Carlos Branch Library

The San Carlos Branch Library Friends of the Library are still dedicated to getting a new library built for our community. The project was stalled for many years until the 40th Anniversary of the library in 2014 when efforts were renewed to find out the status of the project and move forward with purchasing the land. The land was a former gas station, so the underground water needs to be tested for chemicals which is a process known as soil vapor assessment. The water is tested and then a report is submitted to determine if the chemical levels are low enough to allow for building. We have been in the soil vapor assessment phase for many years due to high chemical levels. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all testing was put on hold until proper safety procedures were in place.  Soil vapor assessment resumed at the end of 2020 and the company submitted a report to the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board on March 4, 2021.  We are hoping for the good news that the site has been cleared and we can start the next phase of the project. Once the lot is given approval, the community’s work will also begin.  Your letters of support and your willingness to assist in the fundraising efforts will be critical. Our new District 7 Councilperson, Raul Campillo, has made getting the library built a priority for his first term. We are so grateful to have his support and his advisers working with us to move the project forward. We thank you all for your patience and understanding as we continue our efforts to bring a new, world-class library to the San Carlos region.

Judy Williams, SCFOL Chair, Building Committee, San Carlos Branch Library