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To All Library Supporters: Help Fight Additional Cuts

LibrariesTransformSD logoDear Library Supporter,
April 27, 2020:

As we shared last week, the City of San Diego is facing significant financial challenges due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Only a week after submitting his proposed budget on April 15, the Mayor announced the City will need to identify an additional $50 million in cuts. 
Despite an already 13% reduction in the library department’s budget, which will include the elimination of Sunday and Monday hours and the closure of the Mountain View/Beckwourth Library, department staff is being called upon to identify additional cuts. 

We need your help to prevent any additional cuts!
Click on this link to send an email to your City Councilmember urging them to make no further cuts to the library budget.
Participate in the first City Council Budget Review Committee hearing on the budget on April 30 at 6 p.m. by submitting your comments by 4 p.m. on April 29 comments hereListed below are messages you can use in your comments to Council. You can watch the April 30 meeting here.
Support the Library Department at the May 5, 9 a.m. City Council Budget Review Committee of the Library budget by submitting your comments by May 4 at 4 p.m. hereYou can watch the May 5 meeting here.

Share with your City Councilmember the following message!
Libraries are part of San Diego’s essential infrastructure and provide equal access to free education and job-training opportunities. As we begin the recovery process, our most impacted communities will rely on their library for employment, education, and community resources.
To ensure the system has the tools and resources necessary to effectively serve the community, we believe it is essential there are no additional cuts to library hours, materials, and programming budget beyond the already proposed $7 million in reductions.

As additional updates and opportunity for engagement become available, we will communicate and provide updates on

Patrick Stewart , CEO San Diego Public Library Foundation
 Joan Reese, President Friends of the San Diego Public Library
Wendy Urushima-Conn, Chair, Board of Library Commissioners
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April 17, 2020:
As anticipated, recent economic challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis have had a catastrophic impact on the City of San Diego’s Fiscal Year 2021 budget. Yesterday, the Mayor provided his Fiscal Year 2021 budget recommendations to close a projected $250 million dollar deficit. We commend the Mayor and city leaders for their leadership during a very difficult time.  
In total, slightly more than $7 million in proposed Library cuts have been recommended by the Mayor. This represents a 13% overall reduction in department resources. This will be an unprecedented budget cycle and services citywide will be impacted. The budget will continue to evolve with the May revision as deficit numbers become clearer and public input is considered.  
We are speaking with library staff to better understand the full impact of these reductions but do know they currently include:  Elimination of Sunday and Monday hours at all 36 Library branch locations. All libraries are proposed to be on a five-day schedule Tuesday through Saturday. Closure of the Mountain View/Beckwourth Library.Elimination of more than 96 full-time-equivalent positions. These reductions are primarily associated with the hour reductions and include hourly employees and currently vacant positions.Reduction of $200,000 for equipment installation, building material replacements, maintenance and repair services. We share your concern regarding the magnitude and impact of the proposed cuts. This means our involvement and advocacy will be more important than ever. It is our intention to keep you informed as this fluid process evolves. We also invite you to visit for updates and future suggestions on how you can become involved. 
We look forward to working with the community and the City of San Diego to build a strong future together.  

Patrick Stewart CEO, San Diego Public Library Foundation
Joan Reese President, Friends of the San Diego Public Library 
Wendy Urushima-Conn Chair, Board of Library Commissioners
#LibrariesTransformSD is a coalition of
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