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STEM Series: CHALLENGE ISLAND: Kid’s Science

Challenge Island encourages creativity, critical thinking, and social skills while instilling a love of science and engineering. Ages 8-12.  Registration required.  Call (619) 527-3430 to sign up. 

December. 11, 4-5:15 pm:  E.T. Bike Trail: In this session, kids will learn about the iconic movie, E.T.  They will then use the concepts of balance, friction, and slickness to create a zipline basket ride for E.T. that moves as quickly and safely as possible.  Ages 8-12.  Registration required.  Call (619) 527-3430 to sign up.

  January 8, 4-5:515 pm::  Dinosaur Park Putt Putt:  Kids will learn about dinosaurs and the role they played in the movie, Jurassic Park.  They’ll also learn about carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs.  They will then design and create a Jurassic Dinosaur mini golf course with varying degrees of difficulty.  Call (619) 527-3430 to sign up.

February 12: Temple of Trouble:  Kids will learn about ancient cultures and the job of an archaeologist as it relates to the movie character, Indiana Jones. They will also learn about gravity, acceleration and velocity.  They will then follow the steps of the engineering process to design a course that takes a boulder (ball) around a 90-degree corner on the outside of their temple.  Call (619) 527-3430 to sign up.