San Carlos
Friends of the Library

San Carlos Library
7265 Jackson Dr
San Diego, CA 92119

Contact Us


Want to make a donation? Want to volunteer? We welcome your comments. There are three ways you can contact us. Please always include your name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address in any communication.

1. Leave a note with San Carlos Branch Library personnel addressed to the appropriate SCFOL Board Member.

2.Mail a note to the appropriate SCFOL Board Member c/o the San Carlos Branch Library, at 7265 Jackson Drive, San Diego, 92119, or you may FAX a note to  library or SCFOL personnel  @  619-460-1190.  The library’s phone # is: 619-527-3430.

3. E-mail the appropriate SCFOL Board Member using these e-mail addresses.

President SCFOL: [email protected]

Secretary: [email protected]

Treasurer: [email protected]

1st Vice Chair (Volunteers): [email protected]

2nd Vice Chair (Membership): [email protected]

Membership Recruitment: [email protected]

3rd Vice Chair (Book Sales and Fund Raisers): [email protected]

Booksale Manager: [email protected]

Internet Booksales: [email protected]

4th Vice Chair: [email protected]

Author presentations Chair: [email protected]

Art-Coordinator: [email protected]

Speakers/Musicians: [email protected]

OASIS: [email protected]

Historian: [email protected]

Branch Manager: [email protected]