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Speakers & OASIS Programs

OASIS: December 15, 2-4 pm:  “GADGETS & GIZMOS: A Sampler of Fun iPad & iPhone Apps”  presented by Barbara Smith.  Do you have an iPad or iPhone and want to know more about the latest apps? Let’s explore many fun apps available, including voice recording, free video calls, movie reviews, travel enhancers, readers, and many more! Some of these apps are also available on your Android and other tablets. Please bring your Apple ID and password so you can download some of the apps demonstrated.  Click on Dec. 2017,OASIS Gadgets and Gizmos

   January 19, 2-3 pm: “Old Town to New Town”  Join us as the San Diego History Center discusses the transformation of early San Diego. Before it was the second largest city in California, San Diego was a small Mexican pueblo. As the demographics quickly changed with statehood, however, the pueblo’s plaza and adobe buildings, as well as its distance from the waterfront, did not meet the needs of the new population. This presentation explores the geographical shift from Old Town to New Town – as well as the cultural and economic implications of the move.  Click on January: History Center

OASIS, February 16, 2-3:30 pm: “Fall Prevention & Home Safety” presented by Paige Colburn Hargis, Scripps Health. Falls are the leading cause of injury for seniors. As we age, the risk and frequency of falls increase often leading to hospitalizations and nursing home stays. Scripps injury prevention expert Paige Colburn Hargis will provide information about how to keep you safe in your home.