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Meet the Author

 Friday, October 27, 2-3 p.m.: Author Lou Pechi, will discuss his book, I Am Lubo.  This is the true story of a Croatian, Jewish boy, growing up before, during, and after the Holocaust.  At the age of seven, Lubo’s parents sent him to live with Catholic relatives in Brod who passed him off as their son.  At the age of eight, he was arrested by the Nazis; he was ready to be sent to a concentration camp when, with the help of friends, Lubo was released, escaped, and joined his parents in Italy.  This story takes Lubo to the Allied liberation of Rome, his return to Communist Yugoslavia, emigration to Israel and finally to the U.S.  Lou Pechi is Lubo. Pechi writes from a child’s perspective, and what it was like to constantly have to adjust to an ever changing identity in order to survive; necessity required him to change his name, religion, country and language, often without the presence of his parents. 

Lou Pechi, born in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, came to United States in 1955. After serving in the US Air Force, he graduated San Diego State University with a BS in Physics and Pepperdine University with an MBA degree. He pursued a long career in Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and Consulting. Now a San Diego resident, he is the author of 27 articles published in several industry publications: EE Times, EDN, EPN Power, and Electronic Design. For five years he wrote a monthly humorous column for the Folk Dance Scene Magazine. Besides the book I AM LUBO, Pechi is also the author of two other books: Dancing With Two Left Feet Pirry, and The End of the Line. Click on October Author